Come for the Music, Stay for the Cause

Our mission is to help the people of Rocky Point.  This could be anything from the most neediest of people, an organization that helps the people of Rocky Point, or even specific venues of the musicians choice within Rocky Point.  If you are a musician wanting to help out in any capacity, including doing a Live Stream for a specific venue, please see the Interested Artists page.

Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, more commonly known as “Rocky Point” to U.S. tourists, is a small fishing and resort city on the Gulf of California and, right now, locals are in serious need. 

Border closures began mid March in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and, in a city where tourism is an essential activity, the timing of the closure was devastating. Peñasco generally expects nearly 150,000 visitors for spring break, Holy Week and the Easter holiday - translating to an initial impact of approximately 6,500 hotel reservation cancellations. In addition, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers had to cancel their annual Circus Mexicus which usually brings down another 5,000 people in early June helping the local economy.  The annual Bike Rally in November, is now in jeopardy of being cancelled. Announcements on the Bike Rally will be known after the upcoming Labor Day Holiday.


Let’s take a moment to humanize that: 

"About 80 percent of families are dependent on [tourism] to sustain themselves. 

In other words, eight in 10 families depend directly or indirectly on tourism."

AZ Central, July 2020

According to the city’s convention and visitors bureau, more than 2 million people visit Peñasco each year with nearly 70% coming from Arizona. 

Arizona resident, Nate Roberts, first visited Rocky Point in 2012 and cites a popular Roger Clyne song lyric to recount his experiences since: “It’s ‘my second home in a 3rd world cantina,’” a sentiment shared by many Arizonans and U.S. expats. 

In mid June, amidst a complex balance between public health and economics health concerns, Rocky Point began welcoming tourists back in phases. Even so, Hector Vásquez del Mercado, the convention and visitors bureau’s president, said occupation at the city's resorts and hotels has yet to exceed 30% (AZCentral, July 2020). 

Unlike the US, the federal government in Mexico does not offer stimulus packages or any other support to businesses affected by the pandemic and the economic shutdown.


Crisis situations often create opportunities for the good hearted to take action. 


Steps of Love, a U.S. based non-profit who quickly converted their traditional model of accessible quality education for youth in Mexico to one of public food donation and distribution, resulting in over $170,000 raised and infused back into the community. However, the money has dried up and now that schools are starting back up, Steps of Love is moving their focus back to education.

Music for Rocky Point, was originally set out to raise $20,000 in donations to support an iconic local bar and restaurant, Boo Bar, via live streaming broadcasts of popular musicians such as The Moonshine Voodoo Band, The Cole Trains, and The Black Moods (see PREVIOUS SHOWS for a complete list.


In less than 30 days, the community of Music For Rocky Point Fans surpassed their initial goal of $20,000.  Due to turnover at Boo Bar, and a miscalculation by us, the goal for the employees of Boo Bar has been decreased to $9,500.  Employees are required to put in community service in their off hours.  When they do, they will receive $100 USD per week until the $9,500 has been used up.


Since Steps of Love is putting their focus back on education, Music for Rocky Point decided to continue its efforts, but now focus on the people of Rocky Point. But without Steps of Love, how do you take upon the monumental task of identifying "who" is in the most need?  How do we get the food and how do we distribute it?  Through some research, we discovered a company who already figured out that process for us, Gastro 638.

Gastro 638, a local Puerto Peñasco organization founded in 2018 by Chef Neftali Ponce, Nefatli, Eliezer Lozano, Antoni Acuña, and Javier Cerrillo began with a mission to enrich the gastronomy of the area by creating two events a year that would both introduce new traditional dishes and raise money for their two favorite charities: Two Fish Food Ministry and Cam La Montaña Educacion (a school for special needs children). 

Gastro 638 kicked off with a barbecue style event, called Brasafest, in May of 2019 that highlighted 9 local cooks and drew a crowd of more than 700 people. 

In the five months to follow, Gastro 638 organized their second event that took place at the luxurious Mayan Palace in October 2019. Over 650 people were given the dining experience of a lifetime by 25 carefully curated food and beverage stands.  

By March 22, 2020 - Gastro 638 created both the community awareness and momentum they needed to redirect their mission from entertainment to activism in support of those affected most by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, they weren’t sure how long they’d be able to continue.

The first step was the vetting process… 

They took their personal phone numbers and made them accessible to the public, created a system to vet families by phone asking simple questions about their occupations and the age/number of dependents, and created a list to track their findings. 

The next step was sourcing local food vendors… 

Buying items in bulk became especially important. There are several local places where this can be done and who provided discounts, namely: Salas y Monroy, Zoelia and La Cañada. 

Then came delivery strategy… 

All food is delivered with the intent to minimize public exposure to the virus. Volunteers wear gloves, masks/face protections, and continue the vetting process during door to door deliveries to assess those who are most in need. 

To date, they’ve been able to “adopt” approximately 50 families and, in four months, distribute more than 6,500 food bags (approx. six tons of unprepared food), cook more than 20,500 portins of food, and deliver toys to the local Dia Del Niño, among other acts of charity. 


Countless businesses and organizations such as the Rotaries, AIM, American tourist donations, etc have donated time, monetary and marketing resources to help grow the community called #Peñascosomostodos. So many thanks go to those who have joined forces in this united effort. 

If you are called to act now, please see below for information on how to support/donate


  • Visit Rocky Point! 

    • Bring down dog food for Barbs Dog Rescue. Visit their Facebook Page for the most recent immediate needs

    • Visit your favorite bars and restaurants and please tip a lot more than you normally would.

    • See for the most up to date information on entry protocols. 

  • Shop on your own and bring what Gastro 638 needs

    • Consider supporting local grocers Salas y Monroy, Zoelia and La Cañada who have played a pivotal role in Gastro 638’s ability to source food. 

    • Be cautious to not take all the food from these stores so that our mission does not impact those that can help themselves

    • Shop for supplies at YOUR local grocery stores and bring them down.

    • You may drop all Gastro 638 supplies off at Boo Bar (We are reaching out to other locations for drop off points as well)

  • Donate to Music for Rocky Point! 

Our new mission is exactly above.  All money over the original $9,500 that we raise will be used as follows:

  • 10% to be used towards CFE and Propane bills for those in need

  • $250 USD per chef, per month (there are currently four chefs) to help them sustain their own family needs

  • Remaining amount will be used towards the purchasing of needed items for Gastro 638 as outlined in the below link.

Please see the below link for a complete list of Gastro 638 needs:

There are multiple tabs, so please see the "List of Items needed" tab.

This website, our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group is all paid for and operated by volunteers.

Special thanks goes out to Brandie Rose in her help with researching and writing the above information.